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After launching at the inception of the online pick and mix industry in 2020, have grown exponentially. Their company has an astonishing annual turnover of £1.15M, generated through the sale of their pick and mix bags.

With a focus on quality, variety, and convenience, aims to create an engaging online platform where customers can easily browse and purchase their favourite sweets from the comfort of their homes.

Project Objectives:

  1. Acquisition of Domain Name: The primary objective of this project is to secure the domain name for the client. This domain name is crucial for brand recognition and online presence.
  2. Development of Online Store: Our goal is to design and develop a user-friendly online store for that provides a seamless shopping experience for customers. The online store will showcase the extensive range of pick and mix sweets available for purchase. The website will create the concept of ‘you pick we mix‘, mimicking a traditional create your own pick and mix shop.
  3. Optimised Load Time <0.5s : The online store will be optimised to ensure fast loading times, with a maximum load time of 0.5 seconds. This optimisation is essential for providing a smooth and responsive user experience, which can significantly impact customer satisfaction and retention. We provided with a sophisticated server setup and manage this on an ongoing basis.
  4. Prominent Position on Google’s Search Rankings: To enhance visibility and attract organic traffic, our objective is to implement effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies to secure a prominent position for on Google’s search rankings. This will involve keyword research, on-page optimisation, and other SEO best practices to improve the website’s visibility and drive relevant traffic.

Project Scope:

  • Domain Name Acquisition: Research, negotiation, and acquisition of the domain name.
  • Online Store Development: Design and development of a responsive and visually appealing online store with easy navigation and seamless checkout process.
  • Load Time Optimisation: Implementation of technical optimisations to ensure fast loading times, including image optimisation, code minification, and server-side optimisations.
  • SEO Implementation: Comprehensive SEO implementation, including keyword research, on-page optimisation, meta tags optimisation, site structure improvements, and content optimisation.
  • Google Search Ranking: Monitoring and tracking of Google search rankings, with ongoing optimisation to improve visibility and ranking positions over time.


  • Domain Name Acquisition: 1 week
  • Online Store Development: 6 weeks
  • Load Time Optimisation: 2 weeks
  • SEO Implementation: 4 weeks
  • Google Search Ranking: Ongoing


  1. Acquired domain name
  2. Fully functional and optimised online store
  3. Online store with a load time of no more than 0.5 seconds
  4. Improved visibility and prominent position on Google’s search rankings
  5. Documentation and training for client’s team on managing the online store and SEO best practices.

Conclusion: The successful completion of this project will empower to establish a strong online presence, drive traffic, and increase sales through its optimised online store. By securing the domain name, optimising load times, and achieving a prominent position on Google’s search rankings, we aim to position as a leading destination for confectionery enthusiasts seeking quality pick and mix sweets online.

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